That was the best COLP and COFA seminar that I have been to in the last 2 years. It gave plenty of practical advice which is what we all need. Many thanks,

Tim "Local Law Society President"

""I wanted to compliment you on your seminar in Cardiff, I found it very informative and engaging. It has helped to see a bigger picture and from a broader range than simply reading everything on the SRA and Law Society websites."

Rachael Eyre, Compliance officer, ACR Solicitors LLP, Cardiff

""I have mislaid your aide memoire, are you able to send me another? I need it for a training session this afternoon. It is very good and has saved me lots of work!"

Director of Risk at a top 100 firm, commenting on PNCR Legal's Aide Memoire on SRA Reporting obligations. (which you can find on the Downloads page)

"Tim's knowledge of both his area and also the specific requirements of this firm in relation to risk management meant that his presentation was exactly relevant and has proved to be a useful reference going forwards"

Feedback from a niche firm following a seminar on litigation risks

"I wish I had spoken to Tim before going through the last PI renewal. His in-depth advice has been invaluable"

Partner, High St law firm

"The talk on Confidentiality risks was "interesting", "enjoyable" and "rich in examples and stats"

Various risk professionals from top 100 law firms

"I wanted to thank you personally for the invaluable contribution that
you made, as a member of the ABS stakeholder reference group, to the
development of the SRA's new Handbook.

You and other colleagues raised some important issues which we took on board and significant changes have been made along the way. This has resulted in a much improved Handbook.

You may be aware that we have written to all firms about the publication of the new Handbook and Code of Conduct which is available from today on our website at www.sra.org.uk. You may also find our 'OFR at a glance - your quick guide to getting started with OFR and the new Handbook' to be of use.

See our website www.sra.org.uk/quickguide.

My colleagues and I look forward to continue working with you closely over the next 6 months to prepare for OFR and monitor feedback."