Managers is the generic expression used by the SRA to refer partners (in a partnership),
members in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or directors in a company. These managers can be:

  • solicitors.
  • non-solicitor managers (such as chartered legal executives, licensed conveyancers or patent attorneys) or
  • non-lawyer managers such as accountants or others with business rather than legal expertise.

Law firm managers need to pay particular attention to the SRA's regulatory requirements, paying particular attention to the over-arching principles, Chapters 7 and 10 of the Code of Conduct and the SRA Accounts Rules.

If they are also COLPs or COFAs, they need to look at the Authorisation Rules as well.

There are of course many other types of manager (such as risk managers, compliance managers, HR managers and IT managers) who are not 'managers' in the technical sense above. However it doesn't really matter what type of manager you are, risk is an all-pervading and important issue.